Necto is a kind of "connect the dots" game, and honestly, its well made. To successfully reach the next level you have to use your mind, logic

and especially think twice before making a move, as you not only have to just match colors and connect the dots but also connect them
by filling the whole gameboard.
The game has plenty of boards at different difficult levels.

The game loads with the Fat Pingu logo, which is both cute and funny, leading you to the home
screen of the game, which is kept simple with smooth background, that contrasts on both sunny and
moody days.
The logo of the game is meaningful, recreating the game and the main action.

The game is sold at an outragesously hight price of $80. Well, there are games much more expensive than this one, but most games these days are free.
The game is most definitely worth trying - but decide for yourself if you want to spend 80 bucks for it. Looking at the app store, the game as 11 reviews (all good), so if you decide spending your money on it you will be one of the few.

News: For a limited time this app is sold at a reduced price. Get it out in the google app store.

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