BlockList is an easy to use app that helps you to avoid unwanted calls from unknown numbers or contacts from your phonebook

With just a few taps you can block everyone with the exception of the contacts you want to speak with.


* Block everyone
* Block everyone except the exact people whose calls you want to receive
* Block unknown numbers only
(Unknown numbers are blocked always when blocking is on)
* Customize and store exception lists for easy activation
( whitelists - blacklists )
* Set time period for blocking
* Send auto SMS to blocked callers
* See whose call was blocked and time of call
* Activate 2 or more exception lists at the same time - PRO VERSION



There are countless times when you can use BlockList but here are some examples:

* When you're sleeping but still want to be able to receive that important call, you can block everyone except for that one contact (but remember to turn off your phone's notifications too!).

* Block only unknown numbers, to do that deselect all your contacts from blocking and turn on "Blocking service". ( Unknown numbers are blocked whenever blocking service is on).

* If you're a taxi driver, you can set up auto SMS to say something like: "Hey I have a passenger. Call you later." BlockList will send an immediate SMS to the contacts who tried to reach you while you were
busy giving a ride.

* Say you've got meetings every Monday and Wednesday from 3-.5 pm. You can set BlockList to automatically block calls at those set times every week. BlockList will do it every week until you tell it otherwise.

* You can easily create various Exception Lists, have one for "Family," "Friends," "Work"...etc. Switching between these lists is easy. For example, say you're working against a deadline. You could choose to block everyone except for family members. Everyone else who calls will receive an auto SMS (optional) with a
message that says, "Hard at work on a great project. I'll get back to you soon."


* Roaming
* Avoiding people (stalkers/mother-in-law, pesky exes)
* At the movies
* On a date
* In class
* While driving
* Bust meditating...
....and so on.

BlockList is a simple, easy to use app that can make communication simpler and more easy to manage.

With your feedback and support we can make it even better. So please try BlockList, review it and share it with your friends! If there's anything you'd like us to fix, change, or add, let us know We will read every single comment and will try our very best to reply. If you find you really like this app and want to help it grow, please buy the PRO-AD free version and get faster updates and extra features.

Rajko Ristic

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