Get Relationship, Couples and Marriage Guidance from a Best-Selling Christian Author

Personal development is something we strive for in one way or the other. Major Daughter Live app is a coach in your pocket that aims to provide relationship and marriage counseling that help couples save their relationships.

Major Daughter Live is a supportive app that will help you:
* Remove stress and increase effectiveness in your relationship.
* Create a passionate, peaceful relationship.
* Have more meaningful conversations with your spouse.

Identify Opportunities for Improvement
How do you record success in your relationship? We’ll help you identify growth opportunities that will help you record the desired success.

Timely Feedback
Major Daughter Live app pairs you with a seasoned, bestselling author that will remove the stress of the challenges that you’re currently facing.

Membership Blog
The app gives you access to articles and discussions that will help you build relationships and make them stronger and long-lasting.

In addition to these, you’ll also have access to our bookshop collection and Nabi messages.

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