Play a most simple TAP & DODGE type game of a flying hero that desires to get out of the city and to the beach to catch what’s left of the sunrise there! This very fast pace/challenging game invites your full concentration and some memory skill; Oh yes, it will absorb you! GET this light yet high quality game with a minimalistic eye candy scenario of a sunrise in Panama at the Google Play store with very low ad appearances. The developer, Simple Gamer Arts, believes in simplicity. If you notice the game's background, it's fully red with a yellow sun and some semi-black objects; Red is the least eye straining color in the spectrum, and yellow is 3rd on the list, while black is the absence of light, so this will invite a pleasant playing experience if you are in the dark. The game is as simple as it gets, tap to dodge. You don't have to tap on a specific area of the device, the tap simply toggles up and down, it's quite mindless gameplay, which is exactly what absorbs the user and creates a pleasant experience. Please leave an honest review if the game moved you in any way BAD or GOOD! Either way, thank you for giving it a shot! ENJOY!



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