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Pure Chords is the smoothest and easiest ever music keyboard and controller. Control your DAW, VSTi, hardware, software - anything that can be controlled by MIDI!

- NO hassle fiddling with OSC messages!
- NO hassle fiddling with dodgy setting up!
- WORKS straight out-of-the-box-plug-n-play!

Pure Chords Information and Demonstration Videos @ Youtube

Download the Pure Chords Server for Windows 32/64bit

Download the full manual here:

--- Installation and Setup ---
- Download and install the Pure Chords app on your Android device.
- Download the Pure Chords Server computer program.
- If applicable set your firewalls and routers to point port 9000 at your computer. If you need to know the specific computer IP for that - click start, type in cmd, click enter, type in ipconfig, click enter and your computer’s ip within your network will show as the IPv4 address.
- Open the Pure Chords Server. If your firewall asks permission for the server to use the internet, allow it passage.
- Select the MIDI output driver you would like to use. You must have available MIDI drivers for both your DAW and Pure Chords if you would like to use your phone to control DAW plugins. If that is not available with your setup look into a virtual midi driver like loopMIDI, LoopBe1 or Hubi's Loopback MIDI Driver (or any other) to add some virtual drivers.
- Open the Pure Chords app.
- Navigate to the app’s settings page and set your IP address. You can use to get this quickly.
- Match the port and instance number between the app and the server.
- Assign the MIDI channel and any MIDI CC numbers you would like to use.
- Confirm settings and return to the app’s main page. That’s it!
- Remember - each time you update the app check to see if the server has been updated too!