Category: Android

Capture is an all in one recording app:

>Voice Recordings with Echo effects
>Incoming out going phone calls
>Display/Screen Recordings
>Silent Recordings


1. Voice Recorder:

With the help of voice recording you may record HD interviews with or without Echo and Loudness effect, these feature are adjustable according to clients requirement, multiple interview could also be edited and merge together into one file with the help of DU editor, this if very helpful feature to students, journalists.

Once your file is ready it could be shared directly on other platforms i.e. youtube, whats app or facebook.


2. Record Phone calls

Phone Call Recorder help you to records any Incoming & Outgoing phone calls, play any recorded calls at your convenience, the user will have absolute control to what calls he/she can save or discard by the end of every phone calls.

Call Recording switch on/off
this feature will allow the user to switch off all call recordings

Call Records Features Play,Delete,Call,Share Direct to Call Sharing apps

Password Security on paid version only
Secure your app with password security & stop unwanted people your personal call Records.

Smart Notification
Get all the details about Incoming & Outgoing call on Home screen of phone during Incoming & Outgoing Calls

3. Screen/Display Recorder

Provides stable and fluid screen recording with front camera on/off option. With this screen recorder, you can easily record popular mobile game videos or record video calls or webcam with friends and family or make videos explaining certain features/functionality of your phone, record your phone screen with front camera on.

4. Silent Video recording

This is a recording feature where one could video record while they are asleep and wont show on phone display, another way to monitor your sleeping patterns, paranormal activities, CCTV feature to record your children while you are away for sometime, this will keep recording even if your phone screen is locked.