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Fluzzles combines beautiful flowers with challenge in a sliding puzzle game. Three levels of difficulty let you enjoy the game at a skill level that is right for you. Beautiful music accompanies the game to create an enjoyable ambiance as you play to beat your previous best scores for both time and moves it takes you to solve the challenges. (If you prefer to turn the music off, you can with just a click.)

This first release allows you to experience all 12 levels without the need to conquer the first one. In an upcoming new Fluzzles version release, Web Development Fun aims to introduce the challenge of unlockable levels which must be unlocked with a minimum score.
For now, users are free to enjoy them all. Fluzzles got its name from combining the words "Flowers" and "Puzzles." Fluzzles is a puzzle game that is appropriate for all ages.

The way the game works is first you will see the opening screen where you may select "settings" to open the difficulty grid and choose your preferred level of difficulty:
(easy, medium, or hard) and you may choose how many squares the game will be arranged in on the grid with rows of either: 3 x 3, 4 x 4, or 5 x 5. The most challenging level is a difficulty of hard and a 5 x 5 grid. Once you have selected your desired game settings, you will see the flowers of all levels arranged in a grid for you to choose from first. Click on any flower level that you wish to play first and the Fluzzles game will slice the flower image into puzzle pieces that match the grid you selected and then shuffle them according to the difficulty you selected. You will see an image of what the completed puzzle should look like to the right of the Fluzzle. To solve the Fluzzle, you must click on the puzzle piece you wish to move into the empty square on the grid and in this fashion rearrange the puzzle pieces until it matches the completed Fluzzle image at the right.

Once you have completed the level, you will see your score for how many moves it took you to solve the challenge and your score for the time it took you to complete the puzzle. To keep it fun and challenging as you build skill, you can attempt to beat your best scores for both moves and time on all three levels of difficulty.