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Car parking reminder keeps track of where the car is parked automatically using GPS and Bluetooth. It also logs every time you park the car so there will be a history built upon where you park. There is also a manual button that can be used to park the car. Simply said, its easy to setup and to use.

Where is my car is a solution for someone who needs to locate the vehicle in a easy manner. There is also additional functions that could be interesting.

The Car Parking reminder

Key features

Detect parking automatically!
Clearly see the parking location of your car on the map.
Locate yourself on the map.
Share the coordinate or the street address!
View street image where you parked the car.
Sound option added..
Several map types to chose.
Easy to set up.
Find your car using GPS.
Logging the history of your parking.
Notifying you when parking has occurred.
Route map is now included!
Native languages English, French, Swedish, Spanish!
Parking timer which allows you to noticed when parking time has run out.

Always Always keep track of where you parked the car!

Simply connect your phone to the car’s Bluetooth and the app will remember the exact location of your car. Instantly locate the car! No stress. No fuss. A blue line on the map will lead you straight to your car.

★ Especially useful if you’re parking in a new neighborhood or in a large parking lot, we’ll use GPS technology to instantly provide you with the location or coordinates of your car. Load up our map to see the location of your parking spot and use the car finder.

With Where Is My Car, you’ll be able to instantly locate your parking spot!