Flawless Plank uses patent-pending advanced Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to observe and correct your plank exercise – to ensure you use proper, flawless form while performing this important core and abdominal strengthening exercise.

It is different from apps like 30 Day Fitness & 7 Minute Challenge because it's interactive personal trainer gives you real-time guidance to make your plank workout more effective.

With real-time voice and text feedback, providing on the spot guidance, Flawless Plank is like having a personal trainer built into your phone!

It's easy to use. Just lean your phone against a wall, let the app identify you through its camera, and then go ahead and plank. The app will analyze your plank, guide and automatically time you, so you can hold the plank with proper, flawless form.

We calculate how long you hold a "flawless plank" and save your score & workout history so you can continue to improve. Share your flawless score with the world, or compete against yourself by setting a 30 day challenge.

Proper form is important so you reduce the chance of injury, as well as gain the benefits of planking. The app and our patented A.I. engine focuses on the two areas where you are most likely to lose your form when doing the plank – a sagging waist or a raised waist.

Flawless Plank guides you so you can always hold a #FlawlessPlank!



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