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Become a prank master with Shock , the entertaining prank app that allows you to shock friends and family when there is guard down. Show them something funny or scary or cringy.

Shock watch app gives new life and new use to your smart watch by adding more ways to prank.

The more creative you are, the more fun you can have.

?Basic Usage
1. Select image and audio clip.
2. Press the prank button.
3. Switch to another App.
4. Tap Shock notification
5. After you see the funny face, call friend over to check something out.
6. And let the pranking begin.

⌚Watch Companion App
If you have a smart watch, you can enhance you experience with pranks by having more control over when to use them. If your smart watch has not been doing much for you lately, that all changes now!
✔️Easy & fun to use
✔️Prank friends & family
✔️Watch short ads to collect rewards
✔️Add your own photos and audio clips