+ PLAY ANYWHERE - No internet connection required! A true mobile game.
+ BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS - Highly detailed and vibrant! Up to 60 FPS!
+ AWESOME MUSIC - Get hyped up for that high score with catchy, upbeat audio!
+ DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY - Multiple difficulty modes and dynamically generated levels for a fun but challenging experience!
+ UPDATES - All future updates after the initial purchase will be FREE!

Quantum Dash is a true on-the-go mobile experience. You can play entirely offline anywhere! Stuck at the airport? No problem! Girlfriend taking too long to get ready for date night? Let your boredom be cured with Quantum Dash. Stranded out in a snowstorm waiting for the tow truck? Play this game while you wait!

The graphics are colorful, beautiful and like candy to the eye! Dodging hazards has never looked so good. Enjoy the rich spectacle as you try to weave your way in and out of flamethrowers, balls of lightning, and lasers.

Every level has its own unique soundtrack to set the mood! Enjoy a simple, casual track to ease your way through Easy mode. Ramp it up a bit with Medium difficulty. Get totally hyped and pumped up with the beats in the Hard mode! Feel the energy as you hit your new high scores!

On release, enjoy up to three different difficulties to choose from! There are fifteen hazards in the game and each one is unique. From fire to lightning, adapt and overcome the variety of dangerous hazards thrown your way! Each level, in all modes, is dynamically generated meaning you will never encounter the same sequence of hazards. Say goodbye to deja vu and muscle memory and say hello to pure skill!

Any updates to the game in the future to address bugs and add new content will be free!

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