Do you love car racing games? Would you like to own a garage as customize your racing car as you please? Can you escape police and win the race? If yes, you are in for a huge treat! Introducing a brand new fast car game which combines all the features and desires of virtual car drivers for 2020 games. Try the new Pro Driver and race like a pro today!



Your Car Heaven!


Own your garage, unlock vehicles, purchase customization elements and drift off into a new world of track racing with this stunning car game. Explore tons of new cars and different locations to drive during day and night in this amazing gaming experience. Enter the doors of car heaven and treat your racing spirit with the most breathtaking racing game ever!


Experience Fast Racing


Love to drift and speed your vehicle on challenging roads? Impress your family, friends and opponents with matchless racing skills in this thrilling game. Rev your vehicle at high speeds and rule the roads of the city at day or night. Challenge your steering control as you take sharp turns to win the race.


Customize Car and Gameplay


Want to buy new wheels for your car? How about you add bling to the wheels? Not only you can customize the car paint and wheels but also choose different steering assists to ace different game modes. Tune into this awesome car simulation and experience the zest of fast car racing and all the things associated with owning a garage!


How to play Pro Driver: Sports Car Driving Simulator:


  • Download and launch the 2020 games car racing

  • Create your account and your garage

  • Pick an extreme racing car from the car collection

  • Choose a stunt racing wheel type and pick a steering assist

  • Add bling to the wheels and new car paint

  • Pick a location, racing mode and police presence/absence

  • Hit the race button and drive car across the tracks

  • Drive, perform stunts and enjoy!


Features of Pro Driver: Sports Car Driving Simulator:


  • Simple and easy 2020 games UI/UX

  • Hassle-free car simulation layout and smooth controls

  • View a collection of cool fast racing cars and choose your vehicle

  • Customize your vehicle by picking new wheels, rivets and body paint

  • Different steering assists available for different driving actions

  • New locations and new racing tracks available for stunt racing fun

  • Choose an extreme racing mode from Parking or Traffic options

  • Option to enable or disable the police following you

  • Win the fast racing levels to unlock new car simulation features

  • Unlock new cars, wheels, locations and steering by using points

  • Thrilling racing modes ranging from drifting, stunt, arcade and racing

  • Day and night racing modes available for locations

  • Stunning sound effects and background music


Are you ready to experience the thrill of stunt racing 2020 games in the most entertaining and awesome way possible? Explore new cars and feel the adrenaline rush in your blood with this amazing car racing game. Download and play Pro Driver: Sports Car Driving Simulator today!

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