Trivia with Friends

Challenge your friends at a game night, party, or during Social Time at work.

Dozens of Fun Categories

Television, Music, History, Computers and more than 2 dozen other categories to challenge yourself and your friends.

Thousands of Brain-Twisting Questions

How many Chaos Emeralds are there in the "Sonic the Hedgehog" universe? Where does the original Friday The 13th movie take place? These and thousands of more brain-twisting questions with fun to select multiple-choice answers await.

Useful Boosts

Although you won't be able to phone a friend, you will be able to remove wrong answers with the 50-50 Boost, get a hint with the Crowd Favorite, or double your points with the Points Doubler.

Become the Trivia Master

Don't worry about keeping score! We do that for you with Party Room leaderboards. Find out who's the true Trivia Master in your squad.

We are having our first tournament on Sunday, March 15th  -- there will be gift card prizes for top 3 winners :-)

Details will be posted on our
FB page
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