Join the ultimate saga between US President El Trumpo and the evil leader Kim Jong Un in the world takeover! Guide El Trumpo through different levels, kill all enemies, collect action adventure coins and show off your gaming skills in this inter-Active 2D retro styled game to prevent nuclear attack on the world. Time to pick a side and kill all the enemies to restore world peace. Whether you want to help US President El Trumpo jump across hurdles and collect coins to stop Kim Jong Un or simply want to enjoy a political satire game with lots of interesting challenges, this obstacle course game is the one for you.

Download it today for Free!

Satire Trump Game, Orange Man Good:
Show off your Trump gaming skills by playing one of the most challenging Orange Man Bad games. Help the US President El Trumpo move across an arrangement of challenging obstacles and coins. Jump and hit the moving enemies to kill all the opposing avatars. Tap to make El Trumpo jump and create a hilarious scene for spectators to watch.

Kill All Enemies:
The key to winning this game is to kill all the enemies and support the US President as much as you can in reaching the final level. Spot the moving enemies wearing sombreros and jump on them to kill the enemies. You can do a single jump for less high enemies or double tap to do a double jump to cross difficult game hurdles and kill more enemies.

Entertaining Action Adventure:
From the smooth and responsive controls and interactive game effects to tons of new backgrounds and stunning platform designs, this entertaining action adventure is designed to keep you entertained for hours. Jump, kill and collect enemies at every level in this Inter-Active 2D retro styled game.

How to play El Trumpo – Run and Jump Political Satire Game
• Download and launch the obstacle course game for Free
• Choose level 1, unlock each level as you finish
• Pick an avatar to play trump games with US President
• Tap on the play button to start the action adventure
• Jump to step on the enemies and kill them.
• Single or double tap to jump over different hurdles
• Collect trump games coins and points to unlock new avatars
• Jump, kill, enjoy!

Features of El Trumpo:
• Simple and easy obstacle course game UI/UX
• Care-free political satire game layout
• Smooth, easy and responsive side scroller controls for best experience
• Play and clear as many levels until you beat the game
• Single tap or double tap to unlock jumping combos and evade the
• Collect coins on the go and use them to unlock new characters
• Intuitive action adventure levels featuring stunning graphics and
interactive background music
• Breathtaking motion effects and sound effects for better gaming
• Unlock and play with different characters like the evil Rocket Man, the
father of Kim Jong Un and Chuck the Russian Borris

Are you ready to prevent the nuclear attack on the US as well as on the world? If yes, this amazing action adventure game is here to help you make the most out of US President satire gaming experience. Download and play El Trumpo – Run and Jump Political Satire Game today!




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