TALi is a text analyzer that uses natural language processing and text engineering techniques to provide useful features and order statistics representing important figures in the text.

TALi provides meaningful actions according to whatever results were found in the text under analysis, for example, tap a highlighted entity to view more information about it, navigate directly to an address, recognize a contact after scanning a phone number, or perform sentiment analysis.

TALi was designed in a way that makes him capable of handling many input types ranging from text and PDFs to OCR and complete websites and books (provided via URLs). TALi is a perfect companion for writers, readers, and students. TALi was equipped with a fine-tuned OCR and image after-processing to enhance the input coverage, making it easy to provide the engine with the text to be analyzed, and to remove the usual hassle accompanied with an image-to-text conversion.

A complete statistics view is specialized in gathering all the information a writer or a book author is looking for as well as graphs that could be saved to the internal storage.


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