King Super Adventure Run is an addictive adventure game with the story of King going to his royal palace on the way meeting multiple animals to defend King and reach to its destination.

 Even kids can master this extremely fun and simple adventure game of all time.

 In this super game, you will jump and adventure with King to mysterious new lands.

 We develop for you the best free King Super Adventure Run game that lets you play away.

 Live your childhood once again with King Super Adventure Run.


Features of King’s Super Adventure Run :

• Super game with beautiful interface, smooth and lively.

• The adventure game is suitable for all ages.

• Experience an exciting adventure game with various jungle game island, desert, sky, winter.

• Beautiful worlds and stunning graphics visuals.

• Unique Adventures challenges and boss to battle.

• Easy game play & Attractive Sound.

• Easy to play with 4 buttons

• Totally free, , no purchase required.

• Save party game.

• Phone and Tablet support


Download this super game right now on your phone to be able to embody into the brave King with jungle game adventure journey and destroy evil turtle monster to regain peace for the village and arrive at the royal palace.


We are looking forward to receiving your comments to be able to improve and develop this super game better in the next version.

Enjoy this new game.

We would love to hear from you!


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