Over the years you've enjoyed some of the greatest dog stories from " Old Yeller" to "White Fang" and so many more but have you ever thought that perhaps your dog would enjoy these stories too?

The Short Stories Your Dog Should Listen To is the first ever audio book for dogs. It's dogs reading to dogs. Whether you're a dog lover, a lover of great stories from childhood, or just a big softie altogether, you'll treasure this as it is a collection of some of the finest stories about cuddly puppies, faithful, loyal hounds, and the love they shed all over our hearts and minds.

The stories come with plenty of woofs and growls so your dog hears it in his or her own language. From the classics to contemporary stories. You'll quickly find a puppy bowl full of tears and a room full of joy as you snuggle with your own pooch enjoying all the inspiration and happiness man's best friend has left at our feet.

Sit, bark and relax with a cup of tea or a bottle of beer and a dog biscuit for your pal and get ready to sample the greatest collection of canine literature the world has to offer.

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