“Lucky Teddy Gram” is here to ensure that you will never find yourself in such a conundrum ever again.

Users will be allowed to input their legal birthday information during the sign up process. The typical user name and password must be included.

The information used during the sign up process will be used by the app for future reminders of your upcoming birthdays. A month before the user's birthday a reminder will be sent to the user that their birthday is coming up soon. After which the user will be allowed to create a special link for a birthday event if they so choose. The link can then be shared on all social media and can be shared with all the contacts within their phones. The app will also allow the user to create special events as time goes by. Occasions like anniversaries, weddings, birth announcements, death announcements, special occasions like bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, diwali, first Communion, graduations, job promotions, and all worldwide holidays. User will create these special events one month before the specific date. A link will then be created which can then be shared also.

A daily notification reminder at least a week before that special day comes will be generated by the app to the user. You will also continue to receive reminders for the next six days until the actual day of the event. The receiver of the special occasion link must download the lucky Teddy Graham app onto their phone and devices so they too can be sent daily reminders.

You can also use the “Lucky Teddy Gram” app to send automatic birthday and special day greetings to your loved ones. We can send a beautifully composed, heartfelt greeting on behalf of the user at their request to all their contacts that received the link initially.


It gets even more exciting. Through the “Lucky Teddy Gram” app user you can send and receive funds for these special occasions in the form of a donation to their friends & loved ones. To make this happen, monetary donations as gifts and support are received through the app's donation button. Donations can be made inside the app using PayPal cash App, MasterCard, Visa, American Express etc.

“Lucky Teddy Gram” is here to help you never forget again, to help you make those special days really special, and to help you communicate your love and ability to remember special days to your loved ones.

Get your very own “Lucky Teddy Gram” app today.

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