Simple & effective parental control app. Switch off & kids apps will show
The Switch Off app is the easiest and securest child protection app for Android. You determine which apps your kids will see after you tap the switch. With a simple tap you will be able to control what your kids see and thus secure them from any unsafe environments or apps. Amazing parental control app!
This parental control app is both for child protection and control. First and mostly is about protecting your kid from harmful apps and potential dangers from the Internet. The neat thing about Switch Off is that you can control the free time of your kids and limit them when they can use their tablets with a particular set of apps you approve.
When you set the timer, the phone or tablet will get locked and they will not be able to use it. In that way kids will finish their homework and do everything as planned. This app enables parental control for tablets and smartphones!
Child protection apps like this one are used for steady parental control. With this child protection app "switch off", you are able to manage the days and the time (from - to) as well as which apps your child may use!
- easy sign up process that will give you control
- ability to set up the apps your kids will view and use after you switch the parental control on
- users can set specific time and date when the tablet or smartphone can be switched off from parental control
- intuitive, light and easy to use

The best child protection-app for tablets and smartphones that turns any device into a kids smartphone and tablet.
With one of the best parental control apps: "Switch-Off", your child controls himself and together with you as parents, you can determine together when and how long the smartphone or tablets may be used!
Simple, neat, intuitive and extremely helpful kids protection app for parental control

Developed with parents for parents and children!
Now you have the possibility to protect all Smartphones and Tablets with a child protection app.
The surest child protection app!

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