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Just install Find My Phone on your mobile, your child cell phone, your parent's device and your spouse phone and get real-time locations anytime, anywhere. If any of your devices get lost or stolen, you can enter the website and locate the mobile in real-time.

Using Find My Phone for your cell phone tracking needs you can:

• Locate your lost mobile and all your family cell phones using a single Find My Phone account.
• Enjoy real-time location updates to your Find My Phone web account.
• Locate and check all your devices her movements for the last six months.
• Find My Phone app runs silently and starts automatically.
• Install on your family mobile phones in a matter of seconds and start tracking from the web!

Made for your device and your family protection

Use Find My Phone only for your family needs (not without mobile user consent)! This app is for protecting your device and to protect people you’ve in charge. Find My Phone is very easy to install on all your devices (just a single step) and runs silently, so your child or your parents do not have to configure or manually start anything.

Accurate mobile tracker.

The great thing about Find My Phone is that you can either use your friends to find the location of your lost phone or you can use the dedicated site to track it if you want. You even know if it’s moving or not!
Since losing your phone can be very troublesome, Find My Phone makes the process very fast and easy. All you have to do is to download this great phone tracker right away and you will have no problem finding your lost/stolen phone!

Find My Phone is very easy to use.

With this great Find My Android Phone app you will not have a problem finding your phone regardless of the situation. Just install Find My Phone on all your family’s mobiles. It’s very simple: just install, enter your account email (Create Account the first install you make) and set a device name for each member. And that’s it! You can start tracking your loved kids from the web at your office or home. And of course if you lose your mobile, it’s the same, the app runs silently on your mobile too, and you can log in at the website to locate your cell phone.