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Clinicopedia is Collaborative Social Networking App where Billions of Patients and Millions of Healthcare providers Connect . Facebook is for Social connections, Linkedin is for Professional connections,Tinder is for Dating connections, Clinicopedia is for Health Connections
Clinicopedia is World’s First and Largest Mobile Social Network of Patients and Doctors. Millions of Patients and Doctors Across Globe Connect Collaborate Chat Support and Share Clinical experiences on Clinicopedia App everyday, Clinicopedia is a social community and messenger app that enables people to become members of patient support groups for 1500 common clinical conditions. The users can search other members in the group into which they are enrolled and send friend request to connect. All connected members can text chat, share images, Videos with each other. Clinicopedia has managed Discussion board on mobile app where patients can post their health related queries and both doctors and peer patients can post their replies and the Moderator edits the content. Clinicopedia has video library of 5-6 hours of video on patient education on each of the 1200 Clinical condition. The Video content has evidence based guidelines on treatment, well researched video on symptoms,signs,diagnosis, treatment options, prognosis, successful patient experiences.The content of video library is constantly updated. Clinicopedia also provides Live Health Talk shows by eminent clinicians and medical experts globally who discusses about the specific clinical disorder management and patients attend interactive streaming video broadcast on app along with text chat