Do you pride yourself on your focus and concentration? Do you seek out the most addictive shooting games to test your skills? If your answer is yes, then Emojis in Space is the perfect emoji game for you! ^__^

Are you more of a casual gamer? Want a quick way to pass the time? Just the same, Emojis in Space couldn’t be more well-suited, designed to excite any kind of gamer, no matter what play style.

In this exciting, arcade-style shooter game, you will explore the vast reaches of space and do battle with the emojis. You play Clyde Panther, a cool space cat on a mission to defeat the emojis and their chaotic leader, Boss Kitty.

As a player, your task is to fight through the vibrant waves of emojis and reach the final battle with Boss Kitty. Every level is different, and you will have to stay focused to protect yourself and remain on the offensive. The effortless tilt and tap controls will have you blasting through the galaxy in no time!

As you play Emojis in Space, points you earn in-game can be spent on a variety of upgrades, ranging from laser enhancements and smart bombs, to extra starting lives and 1-up drops. Upgrading your skills drastically increases your odds of earning a higher score and making it to higher levels: a casual gamer with every upgrade will do better than a hardcore gamer with none.

For the most dedicated gamers, the game awards a specific zodiac icon to those who complete a level without being harmed. Collect all 12 zodiac icons to unleash the ultimate power locked within.

See the emojis come to life in this fun and addictive shooting game! Test your skills or pass some free time, you’ll fall in love the moment you start playing! Get hours of fun with NO ADS whatsoever!

★★ Why Emojis in Space is the Retro Arcade Shooter for You! ★★

✓ Simple, attractive, high-quality graphics blend the charming world of emojis with the beauty of the twinkling stars. Step into the galactic vibes and feel the love!

✓ With our intuitive tilt and tap control, learning to play is quick and easy!

✓ Playful sound effects with fun, upbeat music.

✓ Once you install our game, you can play Emojis in Space without limits: no wasting real time waiting for hearts or energy to recharge, and no internet connection required. Enjoy playing anytime, anywhere. ^___^

✓ 100% Free to Play, No Advertisements

✓ Only One In-App Purchase: Developer Mode ($1.99) – Unlocks Level Select, Infinite Lives, Infinite Ammo, and All Upgrades.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer that wants to test your skills on a challenging new game, or a casual gamer that wants a fun way to spend some time, Emojis in Space is the game for you! This addictive game is guaranteed to keep you occupied no matter what your needs.

Why wait? Hit the install button and launch into the interplanetary adventure!

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