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Sometimes keeping track of your activities can be a hassle. You need to know when you last did an event, and how often. This is where WhenDidI helps out. In addition to recording when you did an event, you can also store other information such as cost or some quantifiable measurement.

Some examples of the types of events you can store are

When you last had an haircut.
When you last did some exercise, and how long.
How much are you spending on Fuel.

Adding events is easy, as widgets are fully supported, that let you add events straight from your home screens. Also you can create favourites of common events and values. So if you often pay 5.00 for a lunch item, create a favourite for the event and cost, and add the widget to your home screen.

WhenDidI fully supports android's sharing features, so you can send lists of your events as emails. It even supports the csv format as an email attachment, allowing you to open the csv files in a spreadsheet like Excel.

Your events can also be displayed on charts, so you can visualize how you are managing your events. It will chart the event occurrences or values in daily, weekly and monthly bar charts. Also there are aggregate charts for days of the weeks, or hours of the day, so you can see if an event is often done in the afternoon or morning.

For peace of mind, WhenDidI supports a number of backup options. You can backup to local storage, Dropbox and Google Drive.

So if you're looking for a flexible event tracker, give WhenDidI a try, and get some organisation to your life.


Still wondering what makes “WhenDidl Lite - Event Tracker” app unique among all other apps to track your regular events? Here are the features of the app that make it incredible -

• Fully customizable so you can configure it based on your needs
• Create & edit event categories to measure quantity, price or just as a counter
• Set reminder alerts for daily, weekly and monthly events
• Alerts can be combined with sound and speech when due
• Feature to add notes to your events
• View statistics for your events
• Share your events as csv in email attachments
• Multiple home screen widgets
• Backup to SD card storage or Dropbox
• Graphical view of events with charts
• Quick links or shortcuts to add events, view monthly lists, etc.

Download the app "WhenDidI Lite - Event Tracker" and start making event tracking fun. Get started to organize your events using your smartphone right now.

Stopwatch Integration

Our sister app, Watson Stopwatches and Timers integrates with “WhenDidI - Event Tracker”. Watson contains multiple stopwatches, which you can set up to publish to WhenDidI.