Troublesome monsters have dug tunnels beneath your garden, destroying everything in their way! By using a little physics and powerful projectiles, you need to crush them all and clear the tunnels in the quickest time possible.

★ Tricky Tunnels
To crush your enemies, you simply need to hit it with one of your projectiles. Each level becomes increasingly more difficult, with more complex tunnels and more monsters to destroy. You only have one shot and a limited amount of time to throw, bounce and roll your boulder through the tunnel, defeat every monster and defend your garden.

★ Powerful Projectiles
As you progress through the levels you’ll gain access to new, powerful weapons to fumble the monsters’ wicked plot to destroy your garden! Toss, bounce & roll boulders, bombs, arrows and more with exciting, physics based gameplay.

• Simple controls – just tap, point, drag and release!
• Use a wide range of projectiles to protect your garden; boulders, bombs, arrows and more
• Earn stars for completing levels & unlock new giant ball styles to throw
• 4 stunning worlds with 64 challenging levels
• Free level guides to help when you get stuck
• Innovative physics-based gameplay

★ Unlock Awesome New Balls
You are given 1 to 3 stars based on how quickly you clear each level. Once you reach a certain number of stars, you’ll gain access to additional ball styles including a pumpkin, 8-ball, doughnut, earth, record, pizza and more.
I mean, who wants to be crushed to death by a giant pizza?!


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