Love phones, but always hate running out of battery? This is the game for you. PhoneLegends is a unique arcade game. You are the phone and the goal is to never run out of battery or it's game over. It will test your skills on your speed and timing landing on every furniture and avoiding obstacles. This is a challenging and an addictive game you will enjoy wasting your time with.

Enjoy more than 10 amazing phones and more to come in the game. Each phone has its own features and battery life. Be the phone and conquer the tech world, earn coins to buy phones and make it easier for you to reach the top rank. don't stop playing until you bought the most famous, indestructible and legendary phone of all time.


- Easy to play (just tap and hold to jump)
- more than 10 awesome phones (more updates to come)
- 3 different modes
- Endless mode
- Hurry up mode
- Epic mode
- Cool power ups
- Awesome VFX


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Best unique phone game ever! Thank you for playing and your support. Don't forget to leave a feedback to make this game great. Cheers!

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