Shoot balls to rescue the world! New gameplay, super addictive!

Among bubble shooter genre, it is the most amazing and addictive games. Get ready for a new adventure bubble shooter 2017 by downloading this latest free game.

Scary evil monster kidnapped cute kittens. Be the hero to defeat the monsters. Rescue the kittens and bring them back safely to the mother cat.
The kittens are in need you !!!

Why you should choose Puzzle Bubble Shooter Classic
★ 300+ unique and interesting levels
★ Super impressive graphic and cute games
★ Funny sounds and music
★ Special Booster, Combo, or Items will help you easily overcome the challenges and bubble pop
★ Discovering 4 addictive game modes
★ Runs well on all Android devices
★ Simple classic games like ab pop and easy to play, but challenging to master!

Clinicopedia is Collaborative Social Networking App where Billions of Patients and Millions of Healthcare providers Connect . Facebook is for Social connections, Linkedin is for Professional connections,Tinder is for Dating connections, Clinicopedia is for Health Connections
Clinicopedia is World’s First and Largest Mobile Social Network of Patients and Doctors. Millions of Patients and Doctors Across Globe Connect Collaborate Chat Support and Share Clinical experiences on Clinicopedia App everyday, Clinicopedia is a social community and messenger app that enables people to become members of patient support groups for 1500 common clinical conditions. The users can search other members in the group into which they are enrolled and send friend request to connect. All connected members can text chat, share images, Videos with each other. Clinicopedia has managed Discussion board on mobile app where patients can post their health related queries and both doctors and peer patients can post their replies and the Moderator edits the content. Clinicopedia has video library of 5-6 hours of video on patient education on each of the 1200 Clinical condition. The Video content has evidence based guidelines on treatment, well researched video on symptoms,signs,diagnosis, treatment options, prognosis, successful patient experiences.The content of video library is constantly updated. Clinicopedia also provides Live Health Talk shows by eminent clinicians and medical experts globally who discusses about the specific clinical disorder management and patients attend interactive streaming video broadcast on app along with text chat



Defend the force shield from endless waves of enemies! In this fast paced endless runner, you have to tap and drag the circle to orbit around the shield, and fight off any incoming enemy. Be careful also not to destroy the indestructibles! Score as high as you can, and share that with your friends!
Perfect for players that are into arcade, casual, and action endless runners, this addicting sci fi, action packed, space combat mobile game will bring you endless hours of fun, excitement and joy!


New way to play online 8 ball game on your mobile phones and tablets with unique experience:

“Pool Strike” is really the best shot in Billiard!

Pool Strike is a great game to play on your Android or iOS device as it has very quick start-up and uses a realistic physics engine for an arcade game play. You can also chat with your friends while playing or after the game.

There are different gaming modes available and from a beginner to a professional you’ll love the way the game is laid out and you will be a fan soon. Especially 1-4 game has unique gameplay that allow you to win 4 times more in one online  game. There are also unique features included in the Pool Strike such as a first turn “Strike” bonus among many others in the game.

There are great fun rooms where you can find players and most importantly everything is stable and well-designed. You have plenty of rooms and cues options that you can upgrade on your demand. The same physics engine and the same gameplay are fully enjoyable both on iOS and Android. The game can be played on most devices including wide list of Android and iOS devices and it’s FREE without boring banners!

Pool Strike is developed by the talented game developing studio of Funiza who already had one hit match 3 game “Balloon Mesh”.

Why you will like Pool Strike?

-Realistic physics engine and online chat with friends
-Unique 1-4 game play to win 4 times more in one game
-Amazing first turn “Strike” bonus, another unique feature of Pool Strike
-Quick start-up and wide device compatibility, even for low configuration devices
-Plenty of rooms with different features and More than 100 different cues option
-Play with thousands of online players or free offline turn based gaming
-Free to play and no boring banners

As a summary, this is an amazing game for pool game lovers. It’s fun, well-executed and there are players from all around the world with who you can play a game of pool while interacting with online chat.


Web page:


The traffic store apps brings you the best flick soccer game of 2017 on street environment. Pass the wall of defenders, dodge the player running around the goal and find the gap to score the goal. This street flick soccer game is very easy to start but hard to master as the goal keeper level progresses with clearing each level.

Far more exciting as well as challenging in order to perform soccer in compacted street environment. Immersive free of charge sweeping 3d Credit score! Game play helps you command these steps. Split defenses along with accurate goal score, or maybe flex photos into the major corner, putting an individual responsible for an unrivaled mobile soccer encounter.

Street Flick Soccer (Soccer Football) is one of the most entertaining flick soccer (football) games.
Experience realistic graphics and a smooth swipe control. Swipe, Curve, shoot fast or lob the ball into the goal!
Beat the goalkeeper.

This game has various modes, including Arcade (10 Shots), Time Attack Mode (3 minutes), Friendly Match and manager Mode (Play against AI) and Goal Keeper Mode (Save Free Kicks).

Game Features

- Excellent game controls
- New street night environment
- Great gameplay
- Awesome sound effects

Simple logical game for kids with penguin. Help penguin to go home to igloo and collect all 3 fishes, because winter is cold. Perfect game for winter and Christmas and winter evenings.
Game contains:

- 18 winter levels
- nice graphic
- nice music
- easy to understand for kids
- 3 core game mechanics

We’ve all lost something and couldn’t figure out where to find it.
With Wismiii, your search is over! Wismiii is a global lost and found service app.

All you have to do is:
Report your loss
Contact other users
Check off places where you stay
And get help finding your lost item!
You can even help others find lost items with too!
Today you help Wismii, tomorrow wismiii will help you!


Free version (ad-based) of our "WiFi Baby Monitor" app.

Connect two devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, ...) to a modern

baby monitor through your local WiFi network.


 Features of this free version:

  • Audio transmission on noise detection
  • Connect through WiFi network
  • Show battery charge level of baby device and warn on low battery
  • Alarm on connectivity issues
  • Support for temperature and humidity sensors (see our homepage for details)
  • Low data consumption
  • Alternatively connect through Wi-Fi Direct (supported hardware required)

If you have bought the paid full version of the app on the baby device, then you can also download this free version of the app on the parents device and use all its functions in connection with the paid full version on the baby device.

Additional features available in the full (paid) version of the app:

  • Pictures and Video
  • Control camera LED from parents device
  • Talkback: Talk with your baby
  • End-to-end encryption: Encrypt all audio and video data with a custom password
  • Supports Android 2.2 (free version requires Android 2.3 or newer)
  • ad-free

Reflective Moments gives you a quick daily 30-second prompt and a place to submit and save your answers.
Your answers are saved, and can be reviewed, downloaded, or shared.
In just 30 seconds a day, you’ll have a chance to reflect and record the moments that matter.
Think of it as journaling for the busy person – just as meaningful, and designed to fit into your busy schedule!

Open the app, select Reflect, and you'll be given a prompt to fill in. Click save when you're done!

To review your previous entries, select See Saved Entries. From there, you can select your entries to download, share, or delete. Your saved entries will automatically display with the newest at the top. To sort with the oldest on top, click the "older" button. Hold your finger on one of the prompts on the list and you will see check boxes appear to the left. Select those that you'd like to download or delete, and touch the download or delete button.

This is a church app for the most unconventional church in America. We are a church that has no building and no walls. We meet every week outside under the sun in beautiful Naples Florida. Our app includes the latest sermons, events, devotionals and other resources you need to experience church at your fingertips whenever you want it and wherever you are.

It is an app for those wanting to connect with our church and have inspirational messages. You can also get more info about us at

Top 5 soccer skills
The Top 5 Soccer Skills Players Need:

These skills are:
1. Juggling; essential for your ball controle; use backspin.
2. Dribbling; change direction and speed changes.
3. Passing and receiving. Practice against a wall, use both legs.
4. Shooting; again, use both legs
5. Practice, Practice and yes…Practice.

Good luck and become the best of the best!

Just install Find My Phone on your mobile, your child cell phone, your parent's device and your spouse phone and get real-time locations anytime, anywhere. If any of your devices get lost or stolen, you can enter the website and locate the mobile in real-time.

Using Find My Phone for your cell phone tracking needs you can:

• Locate your lost mobile and all your family cell phones using a single Find My Phone account.
• Enjoy real-time location updates to your Find My Phone web account.
• Locate and check all your devices her movements for the last six months.
• Find My Phone app runs silently and starts automatically.
• Install on your family mobile phones in a matter of seconds and start tracking from the web!

Made for your device and your family protection

A new take on the classic Lights-Out genre of puzzle games. Compete for the highest scores in new modes of play. Score the most points in a limited amount of time in the Speed rounds, and see how long you can last in the Endless mode.

The Lights Out game genre has been around for decades. The fun goes on now with all-new Speed and Endless modes. Quick play and progressively difficult random puzzles will keep you playing to top your high score as well as everyone else's high scores.




Simple & effective parental control app. Switch off & kids apps will show
The Switch Off app is the easiest and securest child protection app for Android. You determine which apps your kids will see after you tap the switch. With a simple tap you will be able to control what your kids see and thus secure them from any unsafe environments or apps. Amazing parental control app!
This parental control app is both for child protection and control. First and mostly is about protecting your kid from harmful apps and potential dangers from the Internet. The neat thing about Switch Off is that you can control the free time of your kids and limit them when they can use their tablets with a particular set of apps you approve.
When you set the timer, the phone or tablet will get locked and they will not be able to use it. In that way kids will finish their homework and do everything as planned. This app enables parental control for tablets and smartphones!
Child protection apps like this one are used for steady parental control. With this child protection app "switch off", you are able to manage the days and the time (from - to) as well as which apps your child may use!
- easy sign up process that will give you control
- ability to set up the apps your kids will view and use after you switch the parental control on
- users can set specific time and date when the tablet or smartphone can be switched off from parental control
- intuitive, light and easy to use

The best child protection-app for tablets and smartphones that turns any device into a kids smartphone and tablet.
With one of the best parental control apps: "Switch-Off", your child controls himself and together with you as parents, you can determine together when and how long the smartphone or tablets may be used!
Simple, neat, intuitive and extremely helpful kids protection app for parental control

Developed with parents for parents and children!
Now you have the possibility to protect all Smartphones and Tablets with a child protection app.
The surest child protection app!

As colors flash by your eyes, the characters remain constant, unchanging, black and white, standing out from the world in which you are playing. This game is Jumpy Jumper, and it's going to change the way you view the simple act of jumping. You jump upwards, over and over, either straight upwards or off a wall in order to get a boost.

Are you ready for a challenge?

Collect puzzle pieces along the way, and once you have collected enough pieces, you unlock a random character. There are prizes to collect, and while the colors may flash by, the game itself will not, lasting you many hours and keeping you busy on your phone for some time to come. Let your mind drift away. Forget about the world in which anything is required other than upwards jumping. That's another world.

This is Jumpy Jumper.






Ready your minds for some challenging brain puzzle game that is simple and colorful also fun and even encourages using logical thinking!
Sounds easy, right? Well, it is not. To successfully reach the next level you have to use your mind, logic and especially think twice before making a move, as you not only have to just match colors and connect the dots but also connect them by filling the whole gameboard. Get obsessed while finding your way through 240 challenging puzzle levels! Think logically - the game is not called mind logic flows for nothing!

• Turn your full attention to problem solving and connecting the dots in 8 different maze like gameboards with 4 different difficulty levels.
• Addictive & colorful, one tap connect the dots puzzle gameplay lets you work on your mind and brain wherever you are.
• An excellent puzzle game that encourages logical thinking and problem solving but will help you with hints if you are stuck at any puzzle level.
How to Play
• Touch a dot and drag it to another dot with the same color to make a sequence of connection.
• Only match the same colored dots and watch out to fill all the space on the gameboards by connecting the same colorful dots.
• Watch out as the completed pipe flows sequences will break if they cross or overlap, you have to find the way.
• Train your mind logic