One way to stay sane and keep safe during this pandemic is by documenting all happenings from your own point of view using this video diary app called Giype. You don't need to write or type anything, just record a video like you would on tiktok or Instagram and that's it. It's proving to be very therapeutic too.

This Covid-19 pandemic is a part of history and turning point in our lives. Apps like Giype are a great way to diary your current and post-quarantine experiences for posterity, and are much faster than writing

So don't let the coronavirus hold you down, go ahead and add this to your daily routine, keep a video diary using the Giype app.

Stay Safe



"This video diary app was created to have a journal where you can note the happy moments on your life, and make a video and save it. Best dairy with lock.

Work Journal
Also called a Work Diary. You can use Giype to record happenings at work, on a new role or to document progress and challenges at work.


Relationship Dairy
Track your relationship with your loved ones. Everyone should keep a diary. Record a photo of you and your loved ones and save it in your Relationship Dairy.

Mood Tracker
Use this journal as a mood tracker. Using emojis, you can track and analyze your mood patterns over time. It's super easy to use too.

Traveling Journal
A travel diary is a great way to record your journeys. No need to type anything just record a video

Confidence Journal
A confidence diary or a secret diary is a great way to get your confidence back. No need to type anything just record a video diary. Tell the journal everything you can't share with others. Play your recordings back to yourself to grow your confidence.

Sleep Diaries
A sleep log is a tool used in diagnosis of sleep disorders.

Therapy Journal
There is nothing like good therapy. Many people say talking to someone about your problem usually helps. What about trying to talk to your diary? Talk to your diary and playback your videos yourself over time to see how you are progressing

Diet Journal
There is no better way to track your diet than with videos. Too tired to write about your weight loss? No problem, just record a video and see how you have progressed over time.

If you’ve been dealing with stressful, anxious situations that you find difficult to share with others, self-reflection can be a huge therapeutic help. Written diaries are one option, but writing can be time-consuming and harder to commit to.

Understand better your feeling by keeping track of them. Simply use our mood tracker to keep track of your feelings over time.

Giype Journal is for everyone who wants to keep a private diary for self-reflection but doesn't have the patience to write it down. Keep your memories of that special moment you have just lived and never forget it. Make a log in your Journal and keep smiling.

So why not make things easier?

Giype Journal is a secure, private, daily video journaling app that helps you track and improve your mental health.
- No login or account needed. Just download the app and start recording.
- All your data is kept on your phone. Sync to your Google Drive to back up your files.
- Secure your Giype Journal with your fingerprint, pattern, or a password.

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Tap the screen at the right moment to make The Bunny turn to the next path. Collect coins and avoid mistakes to get her Glory.


ⓒ 2020 Cookie's Dad Creations, All Rights Reserved

Gym Coach App is your Personal Trainer in your pocket. You’ll quickly improve fitness, strength, tone, muscle or use it to count the calories you burn as part of your weight loss/weight gain programs.

Features of Workout Gym Coach App:

1. Bulky Body: If you want to become bulky with big muscles, you can go with this category. This category contains various types of workouts. Each and every workout is represented in Image.

2. Lean Body: If you want to become Lean with muscles, you can go with this category. This category contains various types of workouts. Each and every workout is represented in Image.

3. Six Pack: If you want Six Pack, you can go with this category. This category contains various types of workouts. Each and every workout is represented in Image.

This is the only workout app you'll ever need.

● Workout routines designed by experts
● Biggest workout trainer and most complete gym workout app
● Acts as your own personal trainer
● Start training and transform your body

★ New to weightlifting and bodybuilding? No problem! We've got everything you need to get started.
★ Already working out? Our workout routines will take your strength training to the next level.

● Sharp videos, clear exercise photos
● Body weight and weight training exercises for toning, strength training, swimming and more...
● Full fitness solution for the gym: everything you need to get in shape and stay in shape!

Join the ultimate saga between US President El Trumpo and the evil leader Kim Jong Un in the world takeover! Guide El Trumpo through different levels, kill all enemies, collect action adventure coins and show off your gaming skills in this inter-Active 2D retro styled game to prevent nuclear attack on the world. Time to pick a side and kill all the enemies to restore world peace. Whether you want to help US President El Trumpo jump across hurdles and collect coins to stop Kim Jong Un or simply want to enjoy a political satire game with lots of interesting challenges, this obstacle course game is the one for you.

Download it today for Free!

Satire Trump Game, Orange Man Good:
Show off your Trump gaming skills by playing one of the most challenging Orange Man Bad games. Help the US President El Trumpo move across an arrangement of challenging obstacles and coins. Jump and hit the moving enemies to kill all the opposing avatars. Tap to make El Trumpo jump and create a hilarious scene for spectators to watch.

Kill All Enemies:
The key to winning this game is to kill all the enemies and support the US President as much as you can in reaching the final level. Spot the moving enemies wearing sombreros and jump on them to kill the enemies. You can do a single jump for less high enemies or double tap to do a double jump to cross difficult game hurdles and kill more enemies.

Entertaining Action Adventure:
From the smooth and responsive controls and interactive game effects to tons of new backgrounds and stunning platform designs, this entertaining action adventure is designed to keep you entertained for hours. Jump, kill and collect enemies at every level in this Inter-Active 2D retro styled game.

How to play El Trumpo – Run and Jump Political Satire Game
• Download and launch the obstacle course game for Free
• Choose level 1, unlock each level as you finish
• Pick an avatar to play trump games with US President
• Tap on the play button to start the action adventure
• Jump to step on the enemies and kill them.
• Single or double tap to jump over different hurdles
• Collect trump games coins and points to unlock new avatars
• Jump, kill, enjoy!

Features of El Trumpo:
• Simple and easy obstacle course game UI/UX
• Care-free political satire game layout
• Smooth, easy and responsive side scroller controls for best experience
• Play and clear as many levels until you beat the game
• Single tap or double tap to unlock jumping combos and evade the
• Collect coins on the go and use them to unlock new characters
• Intuitive action adventure levels featuring stunning graphics and
interactive background music
• Breathtaking motion effects and sound effects for better gaming
• Unlock and play with different characters like the evil Rocket Man, the
father of Kim Jong Un and Chuck the Russian Borris

Are you ready to prevent the nuclear attack on the US as well as on the world? If yes, this amazing action adventure game is here to help you make the most out of US President satire gaming experience. Download and play El Trumpo – Run and Jump Political Satire Game today!




Years of intensive research and successful application was the motivation behind “Healing Guide – The Big Picture”:

• No illness can be generalized, as each person’s health problem is unique.
• What works for one person may not work for another.
• Requirement for nutritional supplements varies for each individual.
• Thought patterns together with food creates the physical body.
• We must step away from the concept of ‘one pill cures all’.

This app was created to guide the user towards the ‘bigger picture’ of understanding how everything is connected and works together.
By following the links you understand your unique health problem and is guided in various ways to find a remedy, whether it is a nutritional shortage or an emotional/energy block:

The Healing Guide offers all you need to know for healing the body, mind and soul.
Become your own healer with tried and tested tips, remedies and healing methods provided.
Understand that symptoms are the body’s way of communication.
Diagnose yourself by tuning into your body’s innate intelligence.
How the physical and subtle bodies work together.
The dangers of MSG and anti-nutrients.
Nutritional supplements; vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, Bach remedies, tissue salts.

The ‘Healing Guide’ further offers:
• What creates a sick society.
• Understand the dangers of MSG and anti-nutrients.
• Understand that symptoms are the body’s way of communication.
• Self-diagnosis techniques. The user is guided with various links for a better understanding of physical, mental and emotional health.
• Symptom sorter A-Z
• Assist the user in avoiding allergies and toxicity by obtaining a health pH balance.
• Various healing modalities are discussed.
• Researched benefits of vitamins, minerals, tissue salts, Bach remedies, herbal remedies, etc. are included in detail. The Information is based on researched information of experts and brought together with inter-links, proving how everything works together and compliment one another.
• According to your zodiac sign, understand yourself and your health problems.
• Mantra and meditation with original music.

For the more esoteric inclined user:
The affect of the planets on our physical and emotional well-being is discussed.
As the moon is responsible for the tides of the ocean, so we are affected as our bodies consist out of more than 80% water. The old alchemist ‘Hippocrates’ put emphasis on the importance of the position of the planets when undergoing surgery. We have forgotten these old wisdoms and are paying the price for our ignorance.



 Run, jump and explore the arcades. Travel across dangerous worlds. Collect coins and defeat the enemies!


Lucky Monster Crush is the ultimate matching experience with a simple experience and fun gaming moments for you to explore. The premise is simple, you need to touch groups of monsters, there will have to be at least 3 of them in order to make a match.

Many special effects, many different levels.

You will like the sound.


Practice arithmetic with this app.

Practice makes perfect.

Time yourself and solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Choose a number and a range to master operations involving that number.

Limit yourself to a range of numbers to better improve your skills.

What’s New

Practice your arithmetics. Get your name on the high scores hall of fame.

Free lyrics music player,Artist Biography,Lyrics sync app,music player with equalizer

Hello everyone! Are you looking for a music player app that display lyrics? Do you want your songs to be played on a beautiful animated background?Are you curious of knowing more about your favourite artists?Have you been searching for a music player that is compatible with your mobile devices?Do you find it difficult to search for lyrics while listening to songs?

We got you covered with our multipurpose music player. Music Player with lyrics is not just an ordinary music player,it comes with great features that makes it look exceptional.However,with our music player,you can listen to music whiles reading the lyrics on the screen of the app.Others complain of music not fetching lyrics.You can solve this issue in our app by editing and ensuring both names are correct.


How to use our app?
it is so simple to use this top music player for lyrics app,all you have to do is to open the app and follow the automatically list all the songs you have on your mobile device.However,when you need a lyrics to a song just swipe the album art to the left and the lyrics displays,if the lyrics do not display,you are given options to change the names and retry once again.

Great Features of Music player for lyrics

*it displays all songs in either grid or list view with their correct album art. in case the album art is wrong you are given the option to download the original art album

*It displays the biography of the various artist and gives you the chance to read more and more about the m,on the screen of the app.

*Our app is packed with a lot of great themes,all you have to do is to go into settings and change the theme to your favorite.

*You can also share your songs via different platforms by using the sharing feature.

*Also,It comes with a beautiful animated feature which goes in circles while a song is playing,changing the entire font of the app is also a great tool associated with the app,it has numerous fonts to choose.

*It comes with a powerful equalizer that enable users to change the sound of how music is played


Drop the square to land on the platforms below whilst avoiding falling down the gap between the platforms.

Gain coins by correct landing and spend these coins in the shop to pick new squares to drop.

Touch to grow the square and release to drop.

Trivia with Friends

Challenge your friends at a game night, party, or during Social Time at work.

Dozens of Fun Categories

Television, Music, History, Computers and more than 2 dozen other categories to challenge yourself and your friends.

Thousands of Brain-Twisting Questions

How many Chaos Emeralds are there in the "Sonic the Hedgehog" universe? Where does the original Friday The 13th movie take place? These and thousands of more brain-twisting questions with fun to select multiple-choice answers await.

Useful Boosts

Although you won't be able to phone a friend, you will be able to remove wrong answers with the 50-50 Boost, get a hint with the Crowd Favorite, or double your points with the Points Doubler.

Become the Trivia Master

Don't worry about keeping score! We do that for you with Party Room leaderboards. Find out who's the true Trivia Master in your squad.

We are having our first tournament on Sunday, March 15th  -- there will be gift card prizes for top 3 winners :-)

Details will be posted on our
FB page
FB group

Welcome to the world of Zen Block - a free calming match 3 puzzle relaxing game. Perfect choice if you were in search for calming, no time limit match three games free! Download on your phone and enjoy a new, unique match 3 block matching game that will relax your senses and become your new favorite addiction.

Get ready for a calming relaxing time. Compete with others in the Zen Block Match 3 puzzle realms. Flower gardens, rainfall, cute kawaii themes and more await those that want simple, easy, fun, and calming match 3 in a row game play. Ideal for anyone searching match 3 in a row games unlimited play.

Clear as many levels as possible before the timer runs out. Match 3 in a row to add more time to the timer. Increase more time by getting multiple match 3 bonuses.
Use the Zen Block to Unlock power ups and bonuses. Unlock new levels with different puzzle personalities. The most versatile entertainment ever seen in 3 in a row games unlimited play.

Our leader boards will let you know how you stand against the world. Show off your match 3 puzzle skills to the world with our global leader boards.
The better your match 3 strategy the more zen coins you can earn for more prizes. Connect puzzle 3 in a row games that entertain you to the fullest and awake your competitive spirit.

Do you want to enjoy endless match 3 relaxing game play with no time limit? Well choose the endless mode and experience new relaxing puzzle challenge of free match 3 games no time limit. Play your favorite music and be ready to relax for hours and calm your senses.

The music will keep your mind relaxed while you enjoy match 3 play through. Each level has its own unique personalities. Each puzzle will never be the same way; you will have an experience with each relaxing game play session. The soundtrack is also one of the reasons why we think we are one of the best mind relaxing games!


YTSub4sub - Grow Your YouTube Channel With Real Subscribers, Views & Likes. Viral Your Videos With Real Users (Only)

If you are struggling to grow your YouTube channel or you want to get
1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time to monetize your channel, this application will help you! First, Download The YTSub4Sub App from (Google Play Store only)

YTSub4sub is a free application design to help you grow YouTube channel, viral your videos, get likes on your videos fast with real Sub4sub users. We all can agree now that it is tough to stand tall on YouTube for small channels, to get real YouTube subscribers, real YouTube Video Views and real likes because the big players will crush you even when your content is much better than theirs.

The world of YouTube is not only for entertainment now, but it also has an option to earn in real life. If you are starting a channel and after posting decent videos, you are probably going to give up, as very few people would watch your videos.

Don't lose hope. Our app YTSub4Sub is focussed on helping the beginners or strugglers to find efficient techniques to gain real YouTube Subscribers, real YouTube Video Views and real YouTube Video likes from real Sub4sub users easily and quickly because many people will watch your video worldwide. (Note: only the countries that YouTube service is available)

How YTSub4Sub works?

It's very simple, first, install YTSub4sub App, then get into the YTSub4Sub app homepage, log in with your Gmail account and find many other YouTubers and join the real YouTube sub4sub, view for view and like for like community.

To reach the potential user and get subscribers, views or likes with real Sub4sub users. Please follow these steps:

(i) Head to YTSub4Sub click on the channel list page to subscribe to any channel of your choice to earn coins.

(ii) Click on the view list page and watch the video of your choice to earn coins.

(iii) Click on the likes list page and watch, like the video of your choice to earn coins.

(iv) On the campaign page, input your video original URL (video URL only) to create a campaign.

Other people in the world will subscribe to your YouTube channel, watch your videos and like your videos. Make them all go viral.


(i) Real Subscribers. (Real Users)

(ii) Real Views. (Real Users)

(iii) Real Likes. (Real Users)

(iv) Randomized timer (You are in control of the timer)

(v) You watch other's videos and people will watch yours.

(vi) You Subscribe to other's channels and people will subscribe to yours.

(vii) You like other’s videos and people will like yours.

Earn and win bonus points by watching videos, liking videos and subscribing channels

Finally, See all people who subscribe to your channel or view your video.
Easy to use and understanding interface.

*Please Note:
YTSub4Sub is a third party application. It only a platform where users promote their YouTube Channel, YouTube video views and like to other people around the world. It only shows YouTube channels and videos that are hosted on YouTube servers. YTSub4Sub does not offer the ability to buy subscriptions, views or likes as these practices are all prohibited by YouTube policy.

Our Sub4sub Users can only subscribe, watch or like the channels/contents they are interested in.

For more information on the user's guides, please visit our website at....

Before you start using our app, please read our privacy policy, terms, and app rules and you agreed before start using our application.

If you have any questions or run into some issues, please...
Contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you for downloading our App YT-Sub4Sub.


Throw knifes into the logs to break them.

Slice the apples and unlock new knives.

Face a boss every five levels - emerge victorious from this fight to get exclusive knives! Avoid knifes and spikes.

Be specific, be patient and become the master of knives!

This is Maths Multiplication tables learning app for teenagers and adults along with audio support.

Its easy to use and no parental support is required.

There are three difficulty levels ranging from the easiest for teenagers to the most advanced for adults.

The app also features an unusual “Competition mode” where two players compete with each other scoring points for correct answers.

it is a perfect way to practice your skills playing with a friend or your child.

This is our first app so any feedback is much appreciated

Lunge Systems is a technology startup enabling organizations and people to take control of their work and lives. Our proprietary quantification, mapping and monitoring framework accessible through intuitive interface acts as an intelligent productivity & efficiency advisor. Using a mix of conventional wisdom, data-driven evidence and matching algorithms, Lunge App provides motivation & behavioral nudges through comparative analytics, activity suggestions and other personal & social incentives.



PayPlayGo makes organising teams, paying for games and searching for new players and teams easy and stress free for life. Find out more below:


Audio Player allows you to create playlists from different sources - Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify or online radios links. Including the ability to play Youtube in background mode!


Do you love car racing games? Would you like to own a garage as customize your racing car as you please? Can you escape police and win the race? If yes, you are in for a huge treat! Introducing a brand new fast car game which combines all the features and desires of virtual car drivers for 2020 games. Try the new Pro Driver and race like a pro today!



Your Car Heaven!


Own your garage, unlock vehicles, purchase customization elements and drift off into a new world of track racing with this stunning car game. Explore tons of new cars and different locations to drive during day and night in this amazing gaming experience. Enter the doors of car heaven and treat your racing spirit with the most breathtaking racing game ever!


Experience Fast Racing


Love to drift and speed your vehicle on challenging roads? Impress your family, friends and opponents with matchless racing skills in this thrilling game. Rev your vehicle at high speeds and rule the roads of the city at day or night. Challenge your steering control as you take sharp turns to win the race.


Customize Car and Gameplay


Want to buy new wheels for your car? How about you add bling to the wheels? Not only you can customize the car paint and wheels but also choose different steering assists to ace different game modes. Tune into this awesome car simulation and experience the zest of fast car racing and all the things associated with owning a garage!


How to play Pro Driver: Sports Car Driving Simulator:


  • Download and launch the 2020 games car racing

  • Create your account and your garage

  • Pick an extreme racing car from the car collection

  • Choose a stunt racing wheel type and pick a steering assist

  • Add bling to the wheels and new car paint

  • Pick a location, racing mode and police presence/absence

  • Hit the race button and drive car across the tracks

  • Drive, perform stunts and enjoy!


Features of Pro Driver: Sports Car Driving Simulator:


  • Simple and easy 2020 games UI/UX

  • Hassle-free car simulation layout and smooth controls

  • View a collection of cool fast racing cars and choose your vehicle

  • Customize your vehicle by picking new wheels, rivets and body paint

  • Different steering assists available for different driving actions

  • New locations and new racing tracks available for stunt racing fun

  • Choose an extreme racing mode from Parking or Traffic options

  • Option to enable or disable the police following you

  • Win the fast racing levels to unlock new car simulation features

  • Unlock new cars, wheels, locations and steering by using points

  • Thrilling racing modes ranging from drifting, stunt, arcade and racing

  • Day and night racing modes available for locations

  • Stunning sound effects and background music


Are you ready to experience the thrill of stunt racing 2020 games in the most entertaining and awesome way possible? Explore new cars and feel the adrenaline rush in your blood with this amazing car racing game. Download and play Pro Driver: Sports Car Driving Simulator today!

Slime Climb is a new android go up endless jumper in which you need to jump high by using the cubes where you can stick your slime character. That’s not the only challenge, as water is continuously rising and trying to destroy your character.

As you jump and stick from cube to cube, try to aim your slime to collect diamonds, coins, and chests. This will help you buy more slimes and cubes, as well as boosters and make things interesting. The boosters are also available to collect as you play the game.

Try to go up as far as possible to achieve a high score.


Capture The Flag is a casual styled game with the main goal being finding the flag all while dodging numerous obstacles.

You'll be attempting to make it to the flag and then the end point before the unknown time runs out or your hit by an obstacle and blow up.

New functions:

  • 5+ Level Added
  • Level 11 Bug Fix