Run through the streets as Trash Cat, collect coins in this endless runner!

Compete against others globally to win weekly/monthlyprizes!

This is a game by the makers of the Unity Engine.
To learn more about how this game is made, check our learn site
Download the project from the Unity Asset Store
Check out the Unity Engine

This free game has a clean design, user-friendly interface, and gameplay that is easy to learn without any instructions.

In this game, your objective is to move a bouncy ball (by holding the right or left side of the screen) through each level of play while avoiding obstacle along the way.

If you are looking for an addictive game with one-touch gameplay, download Black and White for free on your Android device and start moving through all the bouncy ball levels.


+ PLAY ANYWHERE - No internet connection required! A true mobile game.
+ BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS - Highly detailed and vibrant! Up to 60 FPS!
+ AWESOME MUSIC - Get hyped up for that high score with catchy, upbeat audio!
+ DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY - Multiple difficulty modes and dynamically generated levels for a fun but challenging experience!
+ UPDATES - All future updates after the initial purchase will be FREE!

Quantum Dash is a true on-the-go mobile experience. You can play entirely offline anywhere! Stuck at the airport? No problem! Girlfriend taking too long to get ready for date night? Let your boredom be cured with Quantum Dash. Stranded out in a snowstorm waiting for the tow truck? Play this game while you wait!

The graphics are colorful, beautiful and like candy to the eye! Dodging hazards has never looked so good. Enjoy the rich spectacle as you try to weave your way in and out of flamethrowers, balls of lightning, and lasers.

Every level has its own unique soundtrack to set the mood! Enjoy a simple, casual track to ease your way through Easy mode. Ramp it up a bit with Medium difficulty. Get totally hyped and pumped up with the beats in the Hard mode! Feel the energy as you hit your new high scores!

On release, enjoy up to three different difficulties to choose from! There are fifteen hazards in the game and each one is unique. From fire to lightning, adapt and overcome the variety of dangerous hazards thrown your way! Each level, in all modes, is dynamically generated meaning you will never encounter the same sequence of hazards. Say goodbye to deja vu and muscle memory and say hello to pure skill!

Any updates to the game in the future to address bugs and add new content will be free!

Reddit Image Downloader is an Android app that allows the user to search for any subreddits and download any/all images that are found. There's even a 'save all' feature where all scraped images can be saved to gallery with just a single tap!

Reddit Image Downloader is free and contains no ads so you won't get interruptions while downloading images on your mobile phone. Reddit Image Downloader for Reddit aims to provide you with the best and up-to-date Reddit experience. Either download images individually or save all to your gallery. It saves your time and you can play free mobile games in your freed time by using our Reddit Image Downloader.

So don't wait and download this cool app as long as it's free of cost and free of ads. Also feel free to rate this app whatever you think it deserves!

Memory Saver is an android optimizer to improve your android phones performance, by boosting its memory and reducing the battery consumption, using various optimization techniques. Include Memory boost, Junk files cleaner, Battery saver and App manager.

The battery saver option of this junk cleaner and memory booster, enables us, to save the battery power, by using various battery optimization techniques.

Memory Saver clear the unwanted RAM cache memory data, to improve the phone speed, using this RAM booster app and mobile battery booster. Save the battery power and increase the battery backup time, using this battery booster app, or memory cleaner and booster. Get ram booster download, and memory booster ram optimizer, for free.

Memory Saver = Junk Cleaner + Phone Booster + Free Antivirus + Cache Cleaner + AppLock + CPU Cooler + Battery Saver + App Manager.

Main Features :

Memory booster
Boost the ram memory, by clearing, the unwanted cache junk data, using this ram booster and cleaner, or battery saver and cooler.

Junk files cleaner or remover
Clean ram memory by clearing the junk files present in the apps, thereby optimizing the storage space, using this good phone cleaner best app.

Battery Saver
The battery saver feature consists of the following options. Battery details like charge and time remaining, voltage, temperature, and capacity are displayed, in this cleaner booster and junk files remover.

One-tap Quick Boost
Quick Boost recovers memory by killing running tasks, cleaning cache and system garbage. It rescues your phone from running slow and behaving abnormal in no time.

Speed Boost - the Optimized Task Killer
Running apps keeps restarting themselves after being killed. To resolve this issue, Speed Boost provides a Super Boost feature to stop most running apps from restarting by using Accessibility feature in system settings.

Ever wanted to generate your own unique LOL?
Tired of knocking your keyboard?
Think you are better than anyone else?

NOW, you can generate any LOL sequence as long as you wish.
(Not really. Only 255 chars. Otherwise, your screen may break)

● 1-255 char long LOL sequence. ?
● 3 non-unique screens.?
● 18 hidden easter eggs. ?


This free wiki app allows you to create your own wiki inside your tablet or smartphone.
Great for jotting down notes, writing memo's or authoring your next book in the convenient and uncluttered style of a wiki! 'Website Wiki' from 'Fun Apps for Free' offers the following benefits that might not be found on other similar wiki apps:

  1. Create as many wiki's as you like! Simply select the 'New' button to create a new wiki, e.g. one for a fansite, another for your knowledge-base, and another for your book.
    To change wiki, simply touch the 'Open' button. All wiki's are saved in their own parent directories under the app folder.

  2.  Run your wiki from your website! Each wiki that is created can be copied directly onto a PHP-installed webserver (tested on php 5.2 and 5.6), and displayed as a website!
    Just make sure to copy with all folders and files intact from the wiki parent folder on your device to your website.
    To access the wiki on your website, your visitor simply needs to point their browser to auto-generated index.html or index.php in the website parent directory.
    A working demonstration of a website wiki generated from this app can be found at

  3. This in-app wiki displays image, video and audio files! To display an image, video or audio file, simply drop the file into the wiki subfolder begining with the same letter as the file, e.g. copy the file 'some_video.mp4' that is in the wiki called 'fanzine' to the your device folder 'root/WebsiteWiki/websitewiki/fanzine/s', then in the wiki, insert the wiki markup '[[File:some_video.mp4]]'.



Bounce Colors - Try to Be Fast,
Tap on the screen and current color ball and try to match it to the circle color and go to the TOP!

How far can you go?


Download our application to get famous in your social media !

Get your free follower/like/view trial by download our app !



Become a prank master with Shock , the entertaining prank app that allows you to shock friends and family when there is guard down. Show them something funny or scary or cringy.

Shock watch app gives new life and new use to your smart watch by adding more ways to prank.

The more creative you are, the more fun you can have.

?Basic Usage
1. Select image and audio clip.
2. Press the prank button.
3. Switch to another App.
4. Tap Shock notification
5. After you see the funny face, call friend over to check something out.
6. And let the pranking begin.

⌚Watch Companion App
If you have a smart watch, you can enhance you experience with pranks by having more control over when to use them. If your smart watch has not been doing much for you lately, that all changes now!
✔️Easy & fun to use
✔️Prank friends & family
✔️Watch short ads to collect rewards
✔️Add your own photos and audio clips




Very fast and addictive car racing Game on smartphone and tablet.

Drive and destroy to gain coins to trade and upgrade cars and be rewarded with tanks and other abilities.Many features include boast , jumps and Bigfoot truck rampages.Many levels of arcade style game play.
Good racing game for kids and adults.
Very fun and very Fast and will have you coming back for more and more.


Women Who Rock with Success is a digital media for professional and entrepreneurial women.

Women are profiled through many digital platforms such as our magazines Digital TV programs, Digital Radio Show, Digital podcasting.

Women can brand and share their expertise in professions through our digital media.

This website connects women to upcoming podcasts, guests, events, appearances, and more.

What's New

Upcoming Guest Appearances
Latest Fashion & Designs
Women Podcasting
Women Digital TV
Women Radio Show
Tools & Resources


* App Name: Vocab Fun German Deutsche
* Version: 1.0.1
* Timestamp: Mon, Feb 18, 2019 12:05:51 PM
* Description: Learn German vocab with words grouped by word lengths, with friendly elves.
* Objective: The objective of the game is to work your way through 956 levels of vocabulary. Once you have completed the 956 levels, you will have familiarised yourself with approximately 37240 words or terms. Once you have completed a level without any wrong answer, an animal may appear for that level.
* How to Play: Select any level with a star to begin play. The game screen will appear. There are a minimum of 40 words per game. You have 1 seconds to select the correct meaning of the word. You can select to play at any level in any order.
* How to Reset: To reset the game by setting the best score back to 0 and number of levels completed back to 0, simply select the Reset All button on the first screen.

IMPORTANT: This app is provided 'as is' without any claims or warranties.
© 2019 Fun Apps for Free, All Rights Reserved

 Learn English with MYABCEnglish! Learn words daily, synonym, and collocation today with ABC English. You can learn speaking English so you can converse fluently with our efficient online English learning program. 

One of the best ways to improve your English pronunciation is constant practice. Only through efficient english learning practice your accent, diction and phonation can be learned correctly. So, here is ABC English: Pronunciation Learning Practice which you can use a great tool that will help you use the latest teaching methodologies to improve your English pronunciation naturally and with great success. 

Our english talking app allows you to listen to the right English pronunciation for thousands of words. Then you can record your own pronunciation to cross-check. This offers you a trial and error approach that encourages you to further test your pronunciation.

The great thing in this english speaking pronunciation words app is that you can listen to the recording and see if you are pronouncing the words right. And once you master a word, you can start learning and mastering new ones. There are lots of words to choose from, and you can even use the ones specialized towards a certain field if you want. It is the ultimate english learning practice!

ABC English’s unique technology was created by Timir Naha, an expert in English teaching. His unique ideas and true focus on proper learning bring you a creative, powerful way to improve your English both in a written and verbal format without any hassle.
If you’re looking to master new English words and improve your Englishenglish speaking pronunciation words, give ABC English a shot right away. You will be amazed with how much our englishpronunciation app can help boost your English skills!

It’s important to learn synonym & collocation in English. That’s why we added this feature just for you. By learning synonyms and collocations through our English learning app you will be able to converse better. 

• Record yourself, then cross-check with the original
• Thousands of pronunciations to choose from
• Suitable for all English students, regardless of their levels
• Created by a vetted English teacher

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn speaking English through our English learning app! 

Download this innovative English learning app now for free!


Blocks Puzzle is a simple , fun and addictive block puzzle game. Drag and drop blocks into the grid to fill rows and columns, increase your score and get to the top of the leaderboards!

How to Play Blocks Puzzle:
- Drag and drop blocks to fill vertical or horizontal lines
- Blocks will crush when you fill a line and your score will increase
- Keep the blocks from filling the screen or you will loose
- Blocks can't be rotated so be careful

- Simple, easy, fun and addictive gameplay
- Simple puzzle game, suitable for all ages
- Google Play Leaderboards

Have fun and enjoy blocks puzzle game!!!


LEARN & EARN using Android App originated from the idea that there exists a class of readers who respond better to online content and prefer to learn new skills at their own pace from the comforts of their drawing room.

we worked our way to adding fresh tutorials to our repository which now proudly flaunts a wealth of tutorial and allied articles on topics ranging from programming languages to web designing to academics and much more.

Our content and resources are freely available and we prefer to keep it that way to encourage our readers to acquire as many skills as they would like to.

Our mission is to deliver Simply Easy Learning with clear, crisp, and to-the-point content on a wide range of technical and non-technical subjects without any preconditions and impediments.
Build Android App, Make Money, Android App Guide, Android App for a beginner, etc...

Full version:

Learn to run is a free and modern training plan for weight loss.
Using our application you will learn to run step by step over increasing distances and times.
We will help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and easily with our application.

The race is very important to achieve your goal of weight loss, start running to get a perfect body.
With Learn to run, running will become a pleasant daily routine.

Why do you have to download Learn to run instead of other fitness applications?

Different degrees of travel:
✓Our app offers you the best training programs to achieve your weight loss goals:
★ Easy program ★
This program is perfect for beginners who want to run for 30 minutes without stopping. You won't run 30 minutes from day one, Learn to run will guide you to get to the goal in a few days in a simple and fast way. Start to improve your physique now!
★ Basic program★
This program is an intermediate level that helps weight loss. Learn to run for 60 minutes in just 25 days.
★ Advanced program ★
This program can be an excellent base for running a half marathon, it is recommended for those who have already completed the previous programs and will take you from 60 to 120 minutes without difficulty.

✓ With our app you won't get bored, you can hear your favorite music and we'll alert you with beeps.

✓ Learn to run is completely free and it will be for ever, there are no hidden expenses or paid functions.

✓ You don't need to look at the watch or smartphone, we have built in a chronometer and we'll tell you when you run or walk, you just want to enjoy the race.

What are you waiting for? Download our app now and enjoy the best fitness app ever!


Are you up for the impossible challenge?
We bring you a highly challenging and addictive ball game Waver Ball Story: A Roller coaster journey. It’s an arcade adventure motion speed control game. This ball bump game is a new sky wave game to test your motor skills.
No more boredom now. Get your hands on the best ball journey game and start achieving high scores. This tap game has easy finger touch control to maneuver the waving ball on the color sky road. Maneuver the ball from various obstacles and hurdles using your skills. Let the waver ball dash through the sky smoothly without getting bump into obstacles. Don’t let it crush!
The hyper casual mobile speed ball game gives the experience of sky journey. Avoid the obstacles along the ball journey. Align your motion and movement on the deadly color road to avoid clash. The ball crashes when hit with a hurdle and the game will be over. Do not knock the ball up and avoid road blocks for high score.
Endless and infinite ball roller coaster game is insanely entertaining for the users to fill their adventure soul. Take risks, go for the bigger ball waves and continue the journey. Speed up and collect items along the way. Compete with your friends in the epic clash. The key is to time the ball movement and motion. Brace yourself, roll the ball, make the ball fly in the sky and have endless fun. Think fast; take sharp movements into the roller coaster color road, an exciting adventure rising ball through the speed bump road. Wave and complete an epic roller coaster saga journey.

Simple controls just slide the fingers right and left for the helix movement of the ball. Try to avoid the obstacles and let the ball flow. Complete impossible challenges and unlock the achievements in waver ball story game.
It’s your new ball game crush. Its takes focus and concentration and once you become pro at it, it becomes you leisure time buddy. Beware of the addiction. :)


Flawless Plank uses patent-pending advanced Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to observe and correct your plank exercise – to ensure you use proper, flawless form while performing this important core and abdominal strengthening exercise.

It is different from apps like 30 Day Fitness & 7 Minute Challenge because it's interactive personal trainer gives you real-time guidance to make your plank workout more effective.

With real-time voice and text feedback, providing on the spot guidance, Flawless Plank is like having a personal trainer built into your phone!

It's easy to use. Just lean your phone against a wall, let the app identify you through its camera, and then go ahead and plank. The app will analyze your plank, guide and automatically time you, so you can hold the plank with proper, flawless form.

We calculate how long you hold a "flawless plank" and save your score & workout history so you can continue to improve. Share your flawless score with the world, or compete against yourself by setting a 30 day challenge.

Proper form is important so you reduce the chance of injury, as well as gain the benefits of planking. The app and our patented A.I. engine focuses on the two areas where you are most likely to lose your form when doing the plank – a sagging waist or a raised waist.

Flawless Plank guides you so you can always hold a #FlawlessPlank!



If you are a self-employed - you definetly need this app:

As a self employed, you probably have challenges managing your time and your productivity.
Track your work hours and be more productivity at your self employed environment.

When you track your work hours and projects, you understand how much you earn, you become more motivated, and you will also be able to price better.

This is a simple app and a free one, that helps you to track your work hours and calculate your salary on an hourly basis for each project.

Be awere how much money you make from your project you are working on.



If you are looking for volume booster to make your music louder thene you came to the right place because we are giving you a music sound booster application that containe multeble featers which are: volume booster, volume equqlizer, subwoofer booster, speaker booster, volume cleaner, amplifier, headphones volume booster.
by using this application you can clean your music sound and control it vai equalizer and boost it with amlifier and speaker booster as well.
coming to headphones feature, you can boost headphones volume and clean it as well. Also, headphones volume booster has equalizer wich named headphones equalizer and headphones amplifier.
features of volume booster and sound booster app:
? volume cleaner.
? sound equalizer.
? sound amplifier.
? speaker booster.
? headphones volume booster.
? smart volume booster.
? volume plus ( 200% volume booster, 300% volume booster, 500% volue booster, 1000% volume booster)
? volume controler is to control music sound.

volume booster and super high sound booster is not just about music sound but also its mp3 player and M4A music player as well with fine desine.
Super high volume booster ( super loud speaker pro ) expander app is all in one , speaker + headphones volume increaser , equalizer bass booster and music player , with beautiful design and simple interface . now with Super speaker volume Booster you can increase speaker loudness and volume increaser of your mobile phone 30%-40% by using it. Its amplifier your sound and gives
super high volume.
Super high volume booster ( super loud speaker pro ) expander app is all in one , speaker + headphones volume increaser , equalizer bass booster and music player , with beautiful design and simple interface . now with Super speaker volume Booster you can increase speaker loudness and volume increaser of your mobile phone 30%-40% by using it. Its amplifier your sound and gives
super high volume.