Hop, flip, run & blast!

Q-Bit Revolution or "Temple Run on acid" is an endless, fast paced action arcade spectacle. Endure the challenge of randomly generated levels that test your very resolve! Hop and flip in this *nearly* impossible endless arcade hopper. You control your cube with easy tap and swipe controls.

Tap to hop, swipe to flip the 3D world around. Endless possibilities for a challenge, finding secrets, or nabbing power-ups! Become a Legend and earn the Crown Cube, then challenge your friends to beat your high arcade score in the online leaderboards



Q-Bit Revolution is a new kind of endless arcade hopper! This arcade 3D game lets you challenge yourself as you hop past various obstacles at breakneck speeds to nab the coveted Crown Cube. Tap on your screen to hop and flip and dodge lasers, spikes, and moving blocks. Customize the color of your starter cube and unlock dozens of fun, unique and rare (secret!) cubes, and see how high you can get your score in this endless arcade hopper challenge!


In this endless hopper you can enjoy playing through 150 custom-built, handcrafted randomly loaded levels. Navigate challenging paths to collect medallions and take the Medallion quest to see if you can collect all 18! Challenge yourself as you dodge various obstacles with simple and intuitive tap and swipe controls, rotate your world in this crazy addictive endless arcade hopper!


In addition to the unique and colorful environment of this arcade 3D, you will experience exciting and challenging gameplay enhanced with various power-ups, and in game quests. Earn trophies and cubes when you complete various challenges and use cool power-ups to help you on your adventure: Rocket, Boost and Magnet, Plus- double jump stars, and slo-mo blocks. Navigate different areas to collect trophies and medallions, make unbeatable high scores and compete with your friends!


- Collect custom cubes and unlock SECRET cubes

- Option to select the color on your starter cube

- Over 150 custom-built randomly generated levels

- Take the Medallion quest to see if you can collect all 18

- Earn trophies and cubes when you complete various challenges

- Cool power ups to help you on your journey

- Challenge yourself as you hop past various obstacles, dodge lasers, spikes, and moving blocks

- Nab the coveted Crown Cube

- Simple arcade hopper controls - just tap and swipe

- Awesome music from Abandon Building Records' own Set in Sand

- Game Center support, challenge your friends to beat your impossible score

- Endless hopper gameplay, how high can you get your score?

- FREE to play endless arcade hopper

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Hop, flip, and blast, your way through this challenging endless arcade hopper 

Join the revolution by downloading Q-Bit Revolution for FREE!

We'll have regular cube updates, including rare and secret cubes.

Q-Bit Revolution was inspired by various endless arcade hopper games, including the Impossible Game, Crossy Road, Temple Run and other endless arcade hopper games.




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