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Sekety is a Traffic Advisor, Locations Map
Sekety helps you avoid unnecessary traffic, plan and schedule your daily trips in order bedside the ability of prioritizing your errands based on the current state of traffic .

Sekety helps you measure and compare the distance and time needed for you to reach your favorite locations all in one glance. Sekety is grouping all your locations in one place, grouped by your tags beside a personalized map with the option of adding notification to specific locations.

Sekety has many features and here are some of those features:

- Real Time Dashboard : Sekety gives you real time monitoring to all your locations.
- Personalized Map & Tags: Creating a personalized map of your favorite locations with your own tags.
- Valued Privacy: Offering storing your data locally without regsiteration or syncronized on our servers.
- Location Alarm: Its a one of a kind feature. No more “I was just there, Why didn’t I remember?!


- Works everywhere in the world !

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