iPOLPO is a simple but super smart way to share photos with STRANGERS, NOT just family & friends.
Now anyone, anytime, anywhere can photo-search & find photos by TIME and LOCATION. It’s like having the many arms of an octopus (POLPO) .... you will have endless angles from endless distances of selfies. As a photographer: IPOLPO connects you to your subject by creating a photo marketplace and a potential to earn money for your photos, not just “hearts” or “likes”. As a buyer: IPOLPO avoids awkward #hashtags to search photos TIME&PLACE is all that’s needed.

HOW IT WORKS (if selling):

1) Create a free account using email and username - you stay anonymous.
2) Upload photos free (must have time & geolocation stamp).
3) Choose a price for your photo.
4) Wait for buyers to purchase your photos, or even better, you could promote IPOLPO so that buyers know where to find your photos of them.

HOW IT WORKS (if buying):

1) Browse all photos commitment free.
2) Search any photo of interest by TIME & LOCATION.
3) If interested in a photo you can purchase with APPLE IN-APP PURCHASE (as with iTunes).
4) Download instantly or later.
5) The downloaded photos will be in their ORIGINAL RESOLUTION so you can post/print/share/frame the photos you buy.


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