Use this navigation app for your iPhone to read tips and spread information for incidents that may concern you, your friends, family and people around your community! On this app you can also read tips posted from other users that may affect you.


seeing or reading news about dangerous events that happened or areas of the city that we should avoid should be shared with people to alert them about possible danger and to give them an opportunity to protect themselves. Using this IOS app you will be able only with one click to share the news about things you are concerned with your closest family and friend. Send notes to friends and family of places and events they should avoid to alert them. 


This app allows you to mark suspicious activities using a picture. That way your shared tip will capture the level of danger and bring people’s attention to the news that concerns you. Allowing you to create three areas of concern you will get notifications about every incident that happens in that area.


- Read tips about incidents
- Share tips about dangerous places and events with people
- Notify family and friends about news that concern you
- Mark activities using a picture
- Create three areas of concern and get notifications
- For iPhone and iPad
- Free for download



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