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Ready to train your eyes? The Eye Trainer both tests and trains your sight perceptions.

Learn to distinguish between tiny shades of different colors
Take an eye test or
Test yourself for color blindness

Try it and see if it makes a difference!

This is what a professional app tester had to say about the 'Eye trainer':

Eye trainer app was a simple and easy to use app. I was able to navigate through the app/software easily. I used the Practice, Test your perceptions, Color blindness test, Eye test and Option menus which operated flawlessly.

A point to note with this app/software is that it may require a properly calibrated monitor as not all display screen can correctly display the colors.
The choice of background colors were appropriately chosen as they did not interfere with identifying the color variations or how the letters were position.
This is a very useful app, that may even help to test a persons vision/sight.